Thursday, 31 May 2007

Reintroduced Velvia 50

I recently received from Fuji UK a promotional roll of the re-introduced Velvia 50 and its associated datasheet. Well, from inspection of the datasheet the characteristics of the film look identical. The code is still RVP, it's still called Velvia (not Velvia II), and the sheet film notch-code is still the same. I'm really hopefull that this film will respond like the 'old' discontinued RVP did (If so I can shoot all the Velvia that's in the freezer and re-stock it with steak). So, it's out with the Bronica, two 6x6 backs, one loaded with old and one with new, and shoot some direct comparisons.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Desert Sands - a photograph of Hoylake

There are few places on The Wirral where the bedrock is exposed along the coast. Hilbre Point, just a short distance from the centre of Hoylake is one of these locations. I'm attracted to the form and shapes in these rocks, the weathered strata exposing geological information preserved millions of years ago. In the case of these relatively rapidly eroding rocks, one can often marvel at the sheer magnitude of the geological timescale.

This image to me typifies the abstract quality one can achieve through the medium of photogrpahy. There is nothing in the image to imply scale, the viewer is left to decide how to interpret the size of the image. In making this image, which was taken under a vivid blue sky, I was undecided if I should correct the obvious cast this made in the image, particularly in the dried salt. I'm happy that I left the image unfiltered, contrasting the blue of the sky in to the warm iron red of the sandstone.

Photography of The Wirral and Beyond

Several people have asked me if I'd provide them with more information about the creative processes behind my photographs. I'll be posting some insight to some of my more popular existing images, and keeping up to date as I place new photographs on the website.