Thursday, 14 June 2007

Hello, old friend.

On Wednesday night I went out to shoot my comparison between 'Old' Velvia 50 and 'New'. Fuji sent me a roll of 120 film, so, for the first time in about 2 years I pulled out my Bronica SQ-Ai.

I shot with the Bronica for about 3 years, and came to be very 'at home' with it, however since switching to the 5x4 Ebony SW45, I have rarely used it, certainly not in the past year. When I took it out of the camera bag I felt instantly at home with the camera once again.

Many of my frustrations which angered me just before I switched to the 5x4 camera seem to have disappeared, and the square format once again felt refreshing rather than limiting.

Two years on my decision not to sell the Bronica to buy lenses for the LF camera still feels like the right one, look out for more sqaure images, as I think the Bronica will be making more trips out in to the field with me.

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